Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution advice for businesses

In business, disputes sometimes arise – it’s a fact of life. D&N’s commercial litigation solicitors can work alongside you for business dispute resolution, whether you are doing the suing, being sued, or trying to limit the risks of being sued in the future.

We always recommend that you try to stay out of the court room when you have a business dispute. It costs less and the solution is likely to be much more powerful – and sustainable.  But in some cases, the courts are inevitable.

Our business dispute resolution solicitors aim to find the best solution for you by combining our strong trial capability, arbitration skills and our mediation service. Our approach emphasises practical understanding of your business problems and we have a wealth of experience across a range of sectors.

Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors work for businesses to resolve disputes through proactive intervention, including negotiation, mediation and court action if needed.

We can offer you dispute resolution services in the following areas:

  • Business disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Contract disputes
  • Consumer disputes
  • Insurance disputes

Resolving your dispute in a quick and cost-effective manner with minimal risk is our key commercial focus. Our dispute resolution solicitors will help you understand your options and agree with you the best strategy to deal with disputes to prevent financial and reputational damage to you or your business.

We understand the need to keep costs under control. D&N will provide you with a regular update of your costs – enabling you to monitor your outlay.

We have extensive experience in settling disputes without the need for litigation and will do so as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Mediating disputes is less confrontational than the court process and has the potential to save a faltering business relationship from breaking down irretrievably.  If mediation doesn’t work then we are there to assist you through any court process.

Our team has been praised for the level of personal attention given to clients and our incisive approach.

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