Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution advice for you

Disputes in your personal life can be stressful and frustrating. If you find yourself involved in a dispute which you cannot resolve through normal discussions, you will need assistance from a litigation specialist.

The dispute resolution team at D&N Solicitors is dedicated to resolving disputes through proactive intervention. This includes negotiation, mediation and court action if needed.

Minimise the impact with our dispute resolution solicitors

Our dispute resolution solicitors find workable solutions to help minimise the impact on you. As with all disputes, we make an early assessment to see if there is a case to be put forward.

If the case moves forward, we examine it from every angle and discuss every implication. Usually there are many alternative ways of resolving disputes. We identify the best one for our client and use all our negotiating skills to achieve the best possible result. Personal disputes require personal service, and we take the client with us every step of the way.

Dispute resolution services for every situation

Whilst the resolution of disputes will frequently involve litigation, we always advise our clients on the various ways a matter can be brought to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.  Court proceedings may not be the answer and we will not advise a client to litigate if their objectives can be achieved in a more efficient or cost effective way such as mediation or negotiated settlement.

Mediation helps to resolve disputes by facilitating effective negotiations which can often save time and reduce both the financial and emotional cost of resolving a dispute.

We will give you a tailored service to meet your objectives. We take time to understand your needs and offer an appropriate service and fee structure to suit your unique case and circumstances.

Our dispute resolution expertise includes:

  • Debt recovery
  • Residential procession proceedings
  • Neighbour and boundary disputes
  • Defective goods and services
  • Contracts disputes

We are accessible, reliable and present expert advice in a clear and straightforward way.

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